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Dojima FAAS

Dojima faas

Dojima faas provides you blockchain functionality as a service. Blockchain functionality such as creating an account, gas rates for transaction, signing transaction, dollar price, transaction history, submit transaction e.t.c.


  • One Api - Single endpoint for all blockchain functionality to develop dapps.
  • Create Account - create an account for any blockchain by just providing a chain name.
  • Gas Rates - slow, average, fast gas rates for transaction to be processed.
  • Dollar price - dollar price of any token instantly.
  • Transaction history - transaction history of any blockchain providing necessary details.
  • Price History - price of daily, weekly, yearly, all-time token.


These endpoints are used to create, delete, find or update user.

POST Create user

Returns user details along with apikey based on inputs provided.


name robot1
Required. Name of the user
Required. Provide valid email of the user to receive updates or notifications
plan monthly
Required. ‘monthly or yearly’. Provide a plan type to get access until the selected period.
> monthly - 10,000 calls/month yearly - 1,80,000 calls/year

GET Find user
api c226c9df7eb08c82c4f4c22266dd


These endpoints return details such as public address from seed phrase/mnemonic, balance of the respective input token.

GET Address ethics correct bus asset pipe tourist vapor envelope kangaroo warm dawn&network=testnet

Returns public addresses of the provided seed phrase of the user and network type.


X-API-KEY c226c9df7eb08c82c4f4c22266dd
Required. Api Key of the user for endpoint to generate result
Doesn’t have one? Navigate to “User->Create user” endpoint and get one.
Note: Never share, disclouse or save ‘apikey’ publicly.