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yarn add @d11k-ts/binance-beacon

Following dependencies have to be installed into your project. These are not included in @d11k-ts/binance-beacon.

yarn add @binance-chain/javascript-sdk

Service Providers

This package uses the following service providers:

Function Service Notes Rate limits
Balances Binance Dex 5 requests per IP per second.
Transaction history Binance Dex 60 requests per IP per minute
Transaction details by hash Binance Dex 10 requests per IP per second
Transaction fees Binance Dex 1 request per IP per second
Transaction broadcast Binance Dex 5 requests per IP per second
Explorer Binance Dex Explorer

This package gets the node information ( to transfer tokens.

Documentation : Basic Usage Example

Connect wallet to new Binance-beacon Chain Client

  • Create new BinanceBeaconChain client
  • Network default is Mainnet
import {BinanceBeaconClient} from '@d11k-ts/binance-beacon'
import {Network} from '@d11k-ts/client'
import {AssetBNB, assetAmount, assetToBase, baseToAsset} from '@d11k-ts/utils'

// Connect wallet to new btc client 
const connectWallet = async () => {
  let phrase = "phrase"
  // mainnet
  const bnbClient = new BinanceBeaconClient({phrase})
  // testnet
  // const bnbClient = new BinanceBeaconClient({ phrase, network: Network.Testnet })
  let address = bnbClient.getAddress()
  console.log(`Asset Address is: ${address}`)

  let balances = await bnbClient.getBalance(address, [AssetBNB])
  try {
    let assetAmount = (baseToAsset(balances[0].amount)).amount()
    console.log(`with balance: ${assetAmount}`)
  } catch (error) {
    console.log('no balance')

Transfer bnb using Binance-beacon Client

  • Default feeRate is fast
  • Create new Binance-beaconClient instance
  • Convert amount to transfer to base amount
  • Build transaction
  • Returns txHash as string
const transferBnb = async () => {
  // First initiate BinanceBeaconClient
  let amountToTransfer = 0.0001
  let recipient = 'insert address'
  let amount = assetToBase(assetAmount(amountToTransfer, 8))
  console.log("Building transaction")
  try {
    const txid = await bnbClient.transfer({
      "amount": amount,
      "recipient": recipient,
      "memo": "memo",             // optional
      "walletIndex": 0,            // optional (default)
      "asset": AssetBNB,          // optional (default)

    console.log(`Amount ${amount.amount().toString()} ${AssetBNB.symbol} TransactionId: ${txid}`)
  } catch (error) {
    console.log(`Transfer failed: ${error}`)

Get transaction Data & transaction History

  • Create new Binance-beaconClient instance
  • Call getTransactionData(hash) returns hash-details
  • Call getTransactions(address) returns list of transactions (if any)
let hash = "insert hash string"
try {
  const txData = await bnbClient.getTransactionData(hash)

} catch (error) {
  console.log(`Error: ${error}`)

// Retrieve transaction history for a set address
// txHistoryParams > address, offset, startTime, asset? 
try {
  const txHistory = await bnbClient.getTransactions({address: Address, limit: 4})
  console.log(`Found ${}`)
  txHistory.txs.forEach(tx => console.log(tx))

} catch (error) {
  console.log(`Error: ${error}`)

Get transfer fees

  • Bnb has fixed fee client, average, fast and fastest return the same value.
  • getFees() returns current fees for the network
try {
  const fee = await bnbClient.getFees()
  console.log(`Fees average:  ${baseToAsset(fee.average).amount()}`)
  console.log(`Fees fast:  ${baseToAsset(}`)
  console.log(`Fees fastest:  ${baseToAsset(fee.fastest).amount()}`)

} catch (error) {

Example Code

For sample code check out example test case in Binance-Beacon