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Cosmos Module for D11K clients


yarn add @d11k-ts/cosmos

Following dependencies have to be installed into your project. These are not included in @d11k-ts/cosmos.

yarn add axios @cosmos-client/core@^0.45.13

NOTE : Make sure to install same version of @cosmos-client/core as @d11k-ts/cosmos is using (currently “@cosmos-client/core”: “^0.45.13”, ). In other case things might break.

Cosmos Client Testing

yarn install
yarn test


Yet to be added.

Service Providers

This package uses the following service providers:

Function Service Notes
Balances Cosmos RPC (GET /bank/balances/{address})
Transaction history Cosmos RPC (GET /txs)
Transaction details by hash Cosmos RPC (GET /txs/{hash})
Transaction broadcast Cosmos RPC (POST /txs)
Explorer BigDipper

Rate limits: No