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Connecting Doj Chain

How to connect to Hermesgard, HERMESNode and the base Tendermint layer.

The Network Information comes from four sources:

  1. HERMESNode: Raw blockchain data provided by the HERMESChain state machine. HERMESChain wallets and block explorers will query HERMESChain-specific information here.
  2. Cosmos RPC: Used to query for generic CosmosSDK information.
  3. Tendermint RPC: Used to query for consensus-related information.

Cosmos RPC

The Cosmos RPC allows Cosmos base blockchain information to be returned. However, not all endpoints have been enabled.

Endpoints guide

Example URL

Tendermint RPC

The Tendermint RPC allows Tendermint consensus information to be returned.

Any Node Ports

  • MAINNET Port: 27147
  • STAGENET Port: 26657
  • TESTNET Port: 26657

Endpoints guide


P2P is the network layer between nodes, useful for network debugging.

TESTNET Port: 26656

P2P Guide